Real Estate, Architectural, & Commercial Photography - in the Greater Metro Lynchburg VA. Area

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My name is Tim Wilson and I am a Real Estate, Architectural, and Commercial Photographer located in Appomattox Virginia. I specialize in capturing marketable photographs for homes of all types using supplemental lighting. It takes a bit longer on site, but I am able to turn around the images faster, as less time is required in front of the computer.

What I shoot

I primarily shoot residential properties, homes of all sizes, condominiums, and apartments. My experience as an interiors photographer may also be applied to commercial buildings, restaurants, retail stores, hotels, etc. Photos are delivered either by e-mail, or Dropbox/Onedrive in two sizes: a set for printing purposes, and another formatted for the MLS.

What to expect

Photo sessions can take between 1 and 4 hours to complete depending on the size of the property. And the umber of images wanted/required. Once you give me the address, I will check to see when the best light is available for the front exterior of the home. There is usually a 2-3 hour window that can be worked around. After the photo session, please allow 1-2 business days to complete post-processing.

Where I shoot

I currently offer my services to Realtors located in the Metro Lynchburg Area. Travel charges will apply beyond 25 miles from Lynchburg. If more than (1) shoot can be scheduled within the area, then the mileage charge is waived.